Messed up

My friend is getting evicted from her apartment.

Let me tell you why this is crap.

Did she technically violate the terms of her lease? Absolutely.

The thing is, she doesn’t always understand things and she doesn’t always know what’s going on with people.

So, did she knowingly violate her lease? I mean, probably not.

So…whatever. The end result is the same.

My mentally ill, extremely vulnerable friend is going to be evicted.


I hate people.

I am really upset.

I’m angry at just about everyone.

My friend needs a supportive environment. I don’t understand why the system hasn’t recognized this yet. She’s been told a whole slew of crap.


Anyway, just upset.

Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Messed up

    1. I’m hoping. There’s kind of a process for that and you have to be labeled “disabled” to get that (which she’s not yet), but yeah.


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