I once was a Girl Scout…

I didn’t really learn much in the Girl Scouts besides how to sell cookies, but I was one.

My Dad however, was a Boy Scout for a very long portion of his life and I’ve watched him build fires a number of times.

That came in handy last night when my cousin and I got to the air b&b and there was a fire pit. The little ones wanted to make s’mores and my cousin had zero idea how to start a fire.

So…I was at bat. I had some soft wood (thank goodness), and 3 pieces of gift tissue to use as kindling.

It started up though and while the youngest little determined she did not, in fact, appreciate fire or want a s’more, the older one was all about the marshmallowy goodness.

I’m just pretty proud of myself for getting it going. I wasn’t sure I could. It was a nice little fire.

I needed that little ego boost. I needed this trip. I needed for the littles to read to me and want to play games with me.

To laugh really hard with my cousin when it down-poured on us while we were trying to put the girls in the car.

Just to laugh.

It’s been good.

Photo by me.


6 thoughts on “I once was a Girl Scout…

  1. I learned to tie a knot in Boy Scouts, and I still remember that a Boy Scout is,


    That was way back then when being all those things seemed like an honor.

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    1. I don’t remember the Girl Scout thing lol. But I can build a fire thanks to the Boy Scouts! Also, those don’t seem all that bad.


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