Trigger warning ⚠️ mentions suicide


Okay. So. I’m talking to my ex tonight, (something I do almost every single day because this person and I are still very close friends in spite of everything), and this person tells me that I “don’t know about being stressed.”


Like quasi-living with an alleged cancer patient for three years was not stressful?

Or having a friend die from suicide and then having my partner nearly die from suicide a week later all while I’m trying (unsuccessfully) not to fail my first semester of a graduate program??

Apparently, not stressful.

Or having to petition my ex three times for psychiatric treatment?

Or having to drive four hours away on a holiday weekend because said ex was paranoid and threatening to not come home?

Or my parents’ divorce?

Or not knowing my future at all?

Like I get it. This person is stressed about money and how they are going to pay their bills. It’s a huge deal.

I’m just mad.

I’ll get over it.

Older original art by me.

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