Why is the shower such a deep commitment?

Honestly? Why does showering feel like I’m signing some kind of lifetime contract?

It’s 25 minutes out of my day total to get in and out and dressed.

It’s just exhausting! That’s why.

I know I’m not the only person who struggles with this. I know I’m not because I have friends that do too.

It’s just a huge deal for me to drag myself in there and it done. It’s not really my long hair or anything else.

It’s just getting wet and having to dry off and… I just hate the whole process.

I like being clean. I don’t know what the issue is. I used to take showers every day, even twice a day. I don’t know when that really changed.

I feel lazy and mentally ill. I hate it.

Other people seem to have no issue with this at all. They get up, they take a shower. Meanwhile, I’m ecstatic if it’s an every three day occurrence.


I have a doctors appointment this morning so I have no choice. It’s been at least a week since I showered so I have to get in there.

Just putting off the inevitable…

Image from Pexels.


6 thoughts on “Why is the shower such a deep commitment?

  1. It really is a chore that drains you before it can revitalize. People don’t get that because their brains send correct information. We base our response on what our fault brains send us. We do the best we can.

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    1. Thanks for this. I agree. I did make it into the shower this morning, but it WAS a chore. I felt better afterwards. 😊


  2. Why is it that the only time that my phone rings is when I’m in the shower, and when I get out to answer it’s a telemarketer? Or I hear the knock on the door, thinking it’s the FedEx person, when I get out of the shower to answer the door no one is there? Anyway, back to reading the Bible.

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