I was supposed to go see fireworks on Independence Day with my stepdad but it looks like it’s going to rain Monday night.

The place we were going to go has a large festival for several days and they have fireworks tonight too, but they just had a rather significant disaster occur during their air show today, so I don’t know if anything else is actually going to happen today.

Additionally, my mother isn’t really feeling very well the last couple of days and my stepdad is uncomfortable leaving her alone so he doesn’t want to go now.

None of my friends are up for crowds of people and mosquitoes etc. so I’m left to either go it alone, or just not go.

I’m leaning towards not going.

It is my favorite holiday and it’s a major let down, but I don’t have anyone to go with and I’m not really enthused about wandering in a dark field looking for my car alone afterwards.

Oh well.

I feel terrible for the family of the man that was killed today in the accident and everyone that saw it happen.

It’s just a tragedy.

Much worse than me not seeing fireworks.

Image from Pexels.

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