What to do today?

I had a wicked migraine last night and I woke up today feeling a little iffy.

I thought about going to the beach with a friend, but it’s super hot today and I think it would just destroy my stomach.

Sooo… not sure what to do with myself today.

I kind of want to see the new Top Gun movie, but I’m not sure I have the attention span today to sit through it. I don’t know.

I’m just having a day.

I feel tired.

I don’t know why I feel tired because I got sleep, but the mowing company woke me up at eight this morning before I was ready to wake up.

So yeah. Just in a pickle.

I’m just feeling indecisive and unmotivated. I guess that’s depression for you. It’s not bad depression, just annoying.

I should be cleaning today. I guess maybe that’s what I’ll do this morning. I’ll get something done at least.


Image from Pexels.

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