Unscheduled Father’s Day stop…

I had to take my stepdad to urgent care for a bit earlier.

He was washing dishes and sliced his finger on a knife that he forgot he put in the sink.

It was kind of bleeding everywhere, as fingers do, and it was a nasty little cut that mom and I weren’t sure didn’t need stitches, so I took him in. He ended up being okay without stitches, but did need a tetanus shot, so it was worth the pit stop.

I felt bad that we had to go do that on Father’s Day, but it’s better than him getting sick from dirty dishwater or something.

So yeah.

At least it only took an hour. Could have been much worse.

I am hoping everything is chill for the rest of the day, although my mom is pretty sick from being stressed out. Someone upset her and she’s having a physical reaction to it, (honestly this is pretty normal for her, but it doesn’t happen very often that she gets this upset), and she is feeling pretty bad.

Praying she calms down soon and things go back to normal around here.

Image from Pexels.


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