Too hot!

My church meets outside in the summer and today is just too hot for me to attend.

I am sad about it, but I’m not going to go and overheat.

I’m assuming that next week, because it’s supposed to be so hot, they will move it inside to the air conditioning.

Then I can go.

I just can’t do full sun. My psych meds make me photosensitive and I burn so easily and I am not about getting fried for an hour.

I can watch on Facebook if I really want to, but it’s Father’s Day so I’m just going to take a pass and celebrate my stepdad and call my Dad.

I hope you all are having a great morning or whatever time of day it is where you are!

Photo by me.


4 thoughts on “Too hot!

  1. I wonder how many heat injuries are caused by the church everywhere. I’m glad you are playing it cool. The picture looks beautiful, too bad it’s not all that great.

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