I painted my nails and toes blue today!

The yellow I had on them was chipping and I kind of wanted blue.

I wanted a more sky blue color, but I didn’t have it, so this was as close as I could get. It’s an old OPI color.

I made a total mess of my toes, (looks like a kindergartener painted them), but whatever. Hopefully some of it comes off in the shower…

I actually didn’t do a great job on my hands either, I think I was in a hurry or something, but it’s better than them being all chipped.

It makes me feel better anyway. Some kind of self care.

Self care is important.

So yeah. Just trying to stay on top of things today.

We’re having this big dinner later that I’m super worried about, so I’m working on staying calm and not trying to focus on it too much.

It will be okay.

Photo by me.


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