“Opposite Action”

There’s this thing in DBT called Opposite Action where you do the opposite of your emotion to try to change it.

Today, I’m definitely trying to change the depression and anxiety that I was experiencing yesterday.

I changed my sheets and I am washing (or rather drying now) my pillowcases.

I made plans with a friend.

I am going to get into the shower.

I am going to go to the store to buy a new wallet thingie and another store to buy new play doh. I mix it with essential oils (usually lavender) and turn it into like a therapy doh. It’s super fun and not messy (except when I mix it), and it is relaxing. It makes my hands smell lovely too!

It’s good to have plans.

I might even go to the natural foods store to look for another oil to mix my play doh with. I like the lavender, but there might be a new scent I like better.

Who knows?

Anyway, that’s the whole point of Opposite Action: to change your mood. I’m counting on it to work. It’s working pretty well so far.

Image from Pexels.


4 thoughts on ““Opposite Action”

  1. I tried opposite action after reading this. Cleaned a bit instead of sitting and feeling dejected. Fail. Didn’t change my mood. It highlighted how much housework there always is and I am not good at it and can’t keep up,so kind of feel worse. Maybe it works better when you do fun stuff as opposed to dreaded chores.

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    1. Yeah. Opposite action is meant to change your mood, so it helps to do fun things or things that improve mastery and make you feel accomplished.

      I’m sorry you feel worse.



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