My car is in the shop

The fan for the air conditioning is making a loud hum and I’m not about having no a/c in my car in the summer.

So…it’s at the shop getting diagnosed and hopefully fixed today.

We’ll see. Car parts are so hard to find lately with all of the shipping issues etc. I’m hoping they will be able to get ahold of what they need to fix it…

It still works just fine, but I’m kind of afraid to use it.

So yeah. No car for me today. Just chilling at home. Literally. It’s supposed to be near 100° today. That is ridiculous.

Hopefully, my car gets fixed today though because I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my psych and I don’t want to take my parents’ car if I don’t have to.

My car is still under a warranty thankfully, so there is just a small deductible to pay IF they find something wrong. I’m pretty sure they will. Everyone who’s been in my car has heard the loud hum.

Anyway, nothing else exciting happening in casa de k.

I hope you all are having a great day!!

Image from Pexels.


6 thoughts on “My car is in the shop

      1. Oh! Whatever car you have can’t be worse than my nightmare. The last time my car was in the shop they kept it for over 36 days. One excuse after another. Eventually, the VA helped me to get the car back. To make a long story short, I gave the car away to my cousin. I couldn’t afford to buy maintenance for it, and I couldn’t sell it for any price. Hence, no car just a bike. Stay cool.

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