New doctor!!

Trigger warning ⚠️ eating disorder


I really love my new primary care doctor. She was so nice! Like awesome. I am a huge fan.

That went really well and she listened to me and told me to put my scale away etc. It was good.

I am happy with her.

I had to get vaccinated for hepatitis A because my gastroenterologist is worried about protecting my liver, so she made sure that got done today too.

The vaccine kind of made me feel gross though and I came home and ate my usual tiny lunch and then waited a while and still felt awful.

I decided I should have probably eaten something a little more substantial so I made some macaroni and cheese.

Then I ate the whole box.

I am so gross.

I wasn’t even hungry. I don’t know why I did that. I feel so sick now it’s not funny.

I’m resolute on not purging because I have the last two nights on small dinners and I’m choosing to live with this dumb choice today.

I literally will not step on a scale for the next two days because of it and I am supposed to go two days this week without weighing anyway.

So… yeah.

Just frustrated.

Glad I have a nice doctor though. One who is kind, thorough and listens.

Image from Pexels.


4 thoughts on “New doctor!!

  1. The importance of a doctor you like is often overlooked. Connecting makes it easier to divulge oft embarrassing medical things. Glad it worked out for you.

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