That’s how many hours of sleep I got.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning, after fighting the clock for an hour, and finally decided to give up and just stay up.

I am tired, but not sleepy.

I think a few things conspired to make this happen.

One, I drank more caffeine yesterday than I normally do. Two, I got way more time in the sun than I normally do. Three, I was so stressed out between my dad and my friend and dinner.

I normally would be more concerned about my mood state with me waking up this early, but I am tired. I’m normally not tired like this after five hours of sleep. Usually if I am actually manic I’m ready to paint the town. I’m definitely not ready for that.

I know I’m also anxious about the severe weather we are supposed to get tonight. I’m not a fan of bad storms, so I usually get keyed up ahead of time.


Oh well. Knowing me I’ll be back to sleep in a couple of hours…


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