Too much sun!

Church was outside and then I came home and sat on the deck for a while.


I am a crispy critter!

I got a little red.

I forget that my psych meds make me photosensitive.

I also think I got too much heat without realizing it because I now have a headache and feel kind of gross.

Oh well.

It’s a gorgeous day!

The entire week is supposed to be way too hot to enjoy outside, with two days even having dangerous heat warnings, so I am not really looking forward to that.

Thankfully, I don’t have too terribly much to do this week, and I have shorts that fit.

I do think today is going to require some kind of sun recovery nap though. I feel a little off.


7 thoughts on “Too much sun!

      1. The church has an a/c. They are doing the outdoor thing because it is “more inviting.” The church has a beautiful lawn and a lot of woods. They are building a more permanent stage closer to the woods so we can have more events outside.

        If it gets too hot or raining, we move inside. They decide usually by three hours prior to service and announce on fb.


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