It’s morning…

I have bags under my eyes. It’s fantastic.

I swear I got eight hours of sleep.

I’m not sure why I’m so puffy this morning. I did have some pretty psychedelic dreams though. Whew!

I don’t remember them very well, except that they were strange.

It’s time for coffee for sure. Too bad the keurig is a mess. It is very broken. I tried to order a new one yesterday, but they were having problems processing credit cards. Like everyone apparently…

Good thing I’m going out with my friend for breakfast in an hour. I’m super anxious about that though because I don’t really want to eat restaurant breakfast food.

They do have oatmeal, which is kind of okay. I can make it work. I am just not thrilled. I am excited to see my friend though, and that makes it worth it.

I am also excited to go to church this morning. It’s been a couple of weeks since I could go so I am glad to be able to go this week. I always feel more centered when I go to church.

I need that centering because, even though I’m dragging a bit without my coffee, I’m definitely still hypomanic. I am not someone who misses sleep much when that happens, but my mood is decidedly elevated. I have to have music around me all of time and I’m just really happy. Since that is not my baseline, I know something is up.

Hopefully, I don’t get too antsy during the sermon. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sit still when I’m like this.

We’ll see.

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