So. Much. Laundry.

This is not a current picture of my clean laundry.

I got home from the hospital and had barely a load of laundry from being there to do.

Then I realized I had three or four loads of laundry in my room that needed to be done, so I did those too.

Now I have a clean laundry mountain.

Somehow, I still didn’t get everything washed, so I still have to do more laundry at some point, but I’m calling it for the evening.

I also took two huge bags of trash out of my room because I did some serious cleaning.

I can see the floor in half of my room now.

It’s a start.

I just couldn’t deal with how messy it was when I walked back into it after being gone for a few days. It was overwhelming.

I really need to clean more, but I also need to relax, so I am doing that now.

If I get really motivated, I will attempt the light situation in my closet…


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