Anxious about tomorrow

I am part of a medical study at my old university and I think I might have to sit in an MRI tomorrow.

I generally hate them on a regular basis because I am so claustrophobic, but I I’m pretty sure I will really hate it with my eyes open doing tasks.

I don’t know that it is part of tomorrow. It might be a different visit up there.

We’ll see.

I’m still anxious about going up there because I don’t know what to expect really, and campus has changed a lot in fifteen years.

It’s kind of a long drive, and it’s supposed to be boiling hot tomorrow, so that sort of makes it suck too. I mean, my car has a/c, but still. I’m not convinced the building on campus does.

I’m also bummed because I won’t get a chance to see my friend who lives up there because she has to work late. I was hoping to connect with her while I was up there.

It’s gonna be so hot I can’t even take her flowers or anything and leave them for her because they will just die in the heat.

So… that’s out.

Oh well.

I know when I’m super anxious about something because I dream about it. I dreamt about being up in the town the school’s in last night.

If I can find my textbooks though, I have a couple I could sell back for gas money while I’m there, so that would be good.

Sigh. I’m just feeling anxious.

Image from Pexels.

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