Attack of the expiration date!

We made a shrimp boil last night and both of my parents were sick all night.

They dipped their food in butter, (which I’m sure was tasty for them, but not something I’m willing to do because of ED), so I missed out on the horror.

My stepdad never checks expiration dates. Ever. I always do before I eat things because he doesn’t.

Anyway, the butter was the only thing they ate that I didn’t and they are sick. It expired over a month ago and it was organic…

So, yeah. They are sick.

I’m fine. I mean, thankfully for me I guess. I just feel really bad for them.

Mom was eating some kind of breakfast just now (at 1:30 pm), so I think she must be feeling a little better. My stepdad is still feeling pretty rough.

Hopefully they feel up to themselves soon.

Image from Pexels.


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