Questionable today…

I woke up tired.

I hate that.

I had dreams all night long because I’m really anxious about therapy today.

Not only do I have to eat something triggering with her, I also have to talk to her about how I am afraid to call coaching now.

I know one of her staff from a previous thing and I know she has lived with an ED (amongst other things) and I am terrified of triggering her.

I just really need to make sure it’s okay to call.

I also need to talk to my therapist about the New York thing.

And some other things that happened this week.

Like, I am worried an hour is not going to be long enough.


My mood has subtly shifted too I think from the hypomania into something a little darker so I need to bring that up as well.

Lots and lots of business.

Guess I should make a list.

Image from Pexels.

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