My state is beautiful

I love the color of the water in this picture. I took it from the top of a really tall sand dune.

There’s a national lakeshore here known as Sleeping Bear Dunes and it is beautiful.

It’s a little ways north of where my friend and I are staying, but it was worth the drive today. The weather was perfect.

I definitely wore my friend out though. I feel kind of bad about that.

I could probably go for a few more hours. It’s only ten here. She’s taken a couple naps since we got back and is calling it a night.

It’s okay though. I have a lot to do when I get back. I don’t need to be wiped out from vacation and not be able to do those things.

I am kind of worried about tomorrow. I feel like my friend kind of wants to stay in the room all day. It’s her vacation too, so I’m trying to respect that, but I’ll probably sit outside or something for a lot of the day if that’s what we are doing.

I know it’s because I’m not fully back to normal. I’m still a little bit hypomanic and I have a lot of energy. I surprised myself with how easy it is for me to climb the flights of stairs into our room and how I was able to make it up the part of the sand dune without needing a break. A year ago I wouldn’t have made it without needing to rest.

Probably not even six months ago.

I am trying to be okay with food while I’m here and not freak out. I ate pizza last night and a burger today. I probably won’t be eating anymore foods like that because my stomach is just not having it, but I did eat them. I about panicked, but I ate them.

Anyway, Michigan is a gorgeous state and I’m blessed to live here.

Photos by me.

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