Beach day!

Going to the beach later today and I’m pretty excited about it.

It should be a lot sunnier than it was in this pic.

I think it’s going to be about as cold though.

My friend and I decided it’s okay since we’re from Michigan we know how to handle chilly weather. We have layers and I have a blanket in the car she can wrap up in if she gets too cold. I am all about enjoying some sun on my face!

I don’t think it will be very busy because of the temps and because it’s a Monday with schools still in session so that will be nice. Probably just a few retirees who are brave enough to come out in the cold.

It’s a low key vacay but it’s okay. I don’t know if I could have handled a high stress one right now.

There are some complications with food I need to figure out still, but other than that, it’s going okay.

Yay vacay!

Photo by me.


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