This is so weird…

I had this brief lull in energy and I thought maybe my mood was winding down back to something resembling normal.


I can’t sit still. I have ants in my pants. For real.

I am this weird combination of lazy and hyper. I don’t want to clean, which is very unfortunate because I desperately need to. I just wanna dance around.

I mean, I would really like to do some impulsive things that would lead to no good, but I still know better.

The eating disorder is the only thing keeping me from drinking to be honest. I don’t want the calories from the liquor, even though I’d really like to drink. I just keep reminding myself it’s not worth it…

I’m kind of pouting to be honest. I want to go play. I think that’s why I’m not cleaning. I might though. Just for something to do. It’s not like I can focus on a book.

Yikes. This needs to subside. I’m gonna be in trouble.

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