Hypomanic? Really?

It’s not even sunny out! I’m just in a great mood.

I was yesterday too.

My mom called me out on it yesterday.

I’m not sure why. I mean, nothing has really changed. There has not been any great developments in my life.

I am going on vacay Sunday, but I have to get through a pretty awful double memorial service Saturday first.

I thought yesterday it might be some kind of “high” from restricting food, but I don’t think that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong, I hit the new magic number, (by one tenth), on the scale this morning and that helped, but still, don’t think that’s it.

I am just speedy.

I have to go to my cousin’s and help her with these memorial boards for her mom and brother and be appropriately sad and I am probably going to be annoying.

I don’t know.

This usually doesn’t last very long. Hopefully it doesn’t last very long. I do not have time to go manic.



4 thoughts on “Hypomanic? Really?

  1. It is a genuine smile. The last 3 memorial services were weird for me. At one, a really attractive woman gave me a kiss right on the lips because she was so glad to see me. At another, my brother gave me a check for $400, at another my son showed up who I hadn’t see since he was two, I wonder if that was really him. I really don’t enjoy death, so I don’t know what all the gift giving is about, it’s not supposed to be Christmas.

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    1. Yeah. That IS strange. I don’t know what the gift giving is either. I mean, I get flowers I suppose if you can’t make it. I am not really a fan of funerals/memorial services myself and this family is not really made up of a bunch of believers so it will be even harder. We’ll see. My cousin is very much like my sister and it was her mom and brother killed on Christmas Eve in a car accident, so I need to go.

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    1. I decided not to go. My cousin said there is also one next weekend that she would rather I attend and it’s much closer. I just couldn’t imagine an 8 hour day pretty much by myself.


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