Hypomania for sure…

Haha. Just a goofy pic to match my goofy mood.

I have been listening to silly 80’s music all day. Probably not the smartest move, but it just goes with the territory.

I helped my cousin, I visited a friend from church and I went to Bible study.

Seriously Bible study was fun, but also SO HARD to sit still.

My pastor thinks I’m “outgoing.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’m just sick right now.

I am having the best time though. I haven’t laughed this much in forever.

I also haven’t been hypomanic for two full days in…I don’t know how long.

I kind of hope it’s gone tomorrow. I mean, it’s super fun, but I don’t want to switch into mania.

I see my therapist and dietican tomorrow. I gave my therapist a heads up. My dietican is gonna get a surprise if I’m still like this. I will have to tell her at the beginning of my appointment because she will think I’m not taking things seriously.

I don’t really know what triggered this. It’s not like my baseline at all.

Eh. I guess just buckle in and hold on for the ride…


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