I feel…

Kind of numb.

I don’t know. I don’t think tonight is a great night.

I forced dinner down my throat when I wasn’t even hungry because I don’t want my dietican to send me to the hospital.

That was super hard. I feel sick.

I took my meds early hoping I would go back to sleep early, but so far, no dice.

I’m sleepy, just not asleep.

Partly because I feel so sick.

I’m trying to drink water to combat it.

I have church in the morning and if I don’t go to that, I know tomorrow will just be another wasted day.

That only fills my morning though. I will have to come up with an activity for the afternoon. I really need to clean, but man I do not want to at all.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. I don’t know.

I’m just on the strugglebus today.

I tried listening to music. I tried watching something, (total mess because I couldn’t focus). I tried sleeping the day away, and that honestly helped, but I feel guilty about it.

So anyway, yeah.

Just not a happy camper.

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4 thoughts on “I feel…

  1. For some reason, the night before I had to go to work at the church were the worst for me. Sunday mornings my hair was frayed and standing on end. I had every reason to be irritable at church when I got there. I managed to make it through my workday, but I wasn’t loving it.

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    1. I’m sorry. That just sounds like a terrible experience.

      I love my church. I am excited to go. I sometimes have issues being trapped in one space for an hour, but that can happen to me anywhere. I’m looking forward to today’s message so I think it will be okay.

      I just was having a bad night. The joys of mental illness.

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