A big sale you say? Count me in please!

Sometimes when I’m struggling, shopping is like my “go-to” for stress relief.

I don’t have to be hypomanic or manic for this to happen.

In fact, it’s probably more likely to happen if I’m sort of depressed and trying to drag myself out of it than anything.

I’ve learned to sort of mitigate it by the stores I shop at and waiting for sales, coupons, etc.

It can still be a problem if I’m not careful.

There’s just something uplifting about having pretty clothes.

I totally got this from my grandmother who would tell my mom to “get a new hat” when she was sad.

I had a pretty traumatic doctor’s appointment when I was 12 and my mom’s response to it was to take me on a shopping spree at the most expensive store in town at the time. I think that imprinted something on me.

So yeah.

I no longer go to “the most expensive stores” (mostly because I couldn’t fit in anything nor could I afford a t shirt), but I still have that “buy a new hat” thing.

Anyway, I got an email that there’s a BIG sale. Probably bad news for my wallet.

I don’t have anything else to do today. So yeah.

Hopefully I don’t find anything and I just have fun window shopping… that usually works too.

Image from Pexels.


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