Serious self care

I painted my nails!

I haven’t done this in forever. I also did my eyebrows because, while they are mostly blonde, they were bugging me with their strays.

Of course I’ve already messed up my nails like three times because I couldn’t sit still long enough for them to dry… but it’s okay. They look okay.

I didn’t pay for them so it’s not a crisis.

When I used to pay for acrylics and someone else painted them all neat for for me, then I would be upset if I messed them up trying to buckle my seatbelt.

I don’t care as much especially since it’s not red or something so obvious.

I am just proud of myself for doing them. Literally taking out a half hour for myself that didn’t involve a nap or an appointment.

This is sometimes self care. Sometimes self care is a nap. What can I say?


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