…laundry is happening. Cleaning? I mean… unless you include picking clothes out of the basket cleaning… then not so much.

I did find my new pair of Birkenstock’s though. I decided since it was almost summer weather that I need to break them in. I’ve had these new ones for a couple of years and I’ve just resisted replacing my old ones because they are so comfy.

The old ones are so worn out though that they have barely any sole left and they are slippery and cracked and dangerous so I have to retire them.

It will take me a minute to break these new ones in and then my feet will feel at home in these too.

I am also tired. I didn’t really get enough sleep I don’t think. I mean, I got eight hours, but I’m tired.

I need to figure out what I’m doing this morning (besides laundry).

Maybe I’ll just take a nap.

Photo by me.


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