Yay for self care!

I am sparkly clean!

I managed a shower with only skipping one day!

Yay me!

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to reintroduce this as a regular daily thing, but I’m getting closer.

It used to be. I didn’t even question it. It was just how I started my day. And then… something happened. I don’t even know what.

So anyway, yay! I’m getting better at this!

Depression sucks so much. It makes so many things difficult. I feel like when it get mixed with anxiety, it just paralyzes me.

Anyway, celebrating victories where I can get them.

I know I took a shower kind of in the middle of the day. So what? It’s better than no shower. It’s toward the evening here. It’s 7:15 p.m.

It means that my hair will be dry before I lay down and that I won’t have to worry about it in the morning. Again. Little victories.

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