My phone dinged from some stupid fb notification (my phone is the only way for my cousin or anyone else to find me if there is an emergency, so I leave the ringer on) but usually it it “knows” not to go off if I’m sleeping unless it’s a phone call.

So yeah.

I had to get up in a half hour anyway, it just made me grouchy.

I stepped on the scale and that was a mistake as well.

Apparently I’ve been eating too much or not getting my butt moving enough or something because I haven’t lost anything for days.

I am just having a bad morning.

Wrong side of the bed and all that.

Honestly, I probably am just anxious about my therapy appointment and having to take my car in for an oil change, (which takes forever there).

I don’t know.

At least the sun is supposed to make an appearance today. That will be a nice change. I am looking foreword to that. Yesterday, it rained all day.

Anyway, my actual alarm goes off in a minute so I should start getting ready. Yay.

Maybe my attitude will change after a cup of tea.

Image from Pexels.


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