Anxious about church…

So it’s Sunday.

That means it’s time to go to church again.

Last week I had a panic attack in the middle of the service. I am worried about that happening again, so I’m just kind of hesitant to go this week.

I know I need to go. I miss out on things when I don’t, and watching it online is not really good for me because I am terrible about paying attention.

I guess we are having a guest speaker today from the shelter downtown to talk about ways we can help as Christians. I mean, yay that’s good, but it just sort of makes me even more anxious.

I don’t know.

I really need to get my butt moving and just get myself to church despite how I feel. I just don’t want to freak out again. I think if it happens this time, I’ll probably run to the bathroom if I’m honest.


I hate anxiety.

Image from Pexels.

7 thoughts on “Anxious about church…

  1. I haven’t been to church for years because I didn’t like the atmosphere. I worked in a church as a janitor for almost 6 years because it’s the only job that I could find. I had to be there EVERY Sunday from 7am to 3pm.

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    1. I could see how that could wear on you.

      I actually really like my church. It’s pretty laid back (I wear jeans for example and fit right in), but I just get panicky “trapped” in any environment. It happened a little today, but not as bad.

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      1. I understand. When I was at the church, I always found myself mingling with the “laid back” jean wearing congregants. Usually, I got pulled away because someone spilled coffee or something, which I had to clean up.

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