The nurse called

Yay! Good thing I was awake!

My psych is returning me to the old med I was on, (which wasn’t super effective, but didn’t make me suicidal), and I can go back and see her next week.

So that’s promising.

I’m going to be a better advocate for myself next week and tell her that I do not want another med like the one I was just on, like not another one in that class, and just ask for something different.

She’s smart. She can come up with something.

I feel so relieved.

At least I’m not a “bad patient.” I hate feeling like I’m noncompliant.

I try to take my meds every day and even though I was really scared of the new med I tried it. There were a lot of things making that difficult, but the change in mood was insufferable.

Anyway, back to attempting to do something about my living space.

Image from Pexels.


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