Why did I get up so early?

Seriously? My appointment is at 9:30 and I set my alarm for 7:00.


All I did was give myself extra time to freak out.

Good job me.

I’m sure my psych appointment will be fine…or I’m mostly sure.

I prayed about it and gave it to God to handle because I can’t so… I shouldn’t be worrying about it at this point.

I took a shower and shaved my legs, (people who don’t do that don’t know how much work that is, you’ll just have to trust me), and I thought about blow drying my hair but honestly I got crap for sleep and I am not running on a lot of energy so I decided not to.

It’s supposed to be almost nice here today, so I’m wearing a dress. It’s too sizes too big really, but it has a belt and it’s hard to tell that it’s too big because I can just make the belt tighter. I can still get away with it for now.

I have things I want to get done today after my appointment.

I really want to pick up a small area of my room. Make some kind of progress.

Then I want to walk on the treadmill today because I didn’t yesterday, (but I did walk all through the supermarket so it was almost like I walked on the treadmill….).

If I can get those two things done, it will be a big deal.

I haven’t managed cleaning in a while. Not that it’s gotten worse, but it definitely isn’t any better. I really need to work on it. The treadmill thing helps keep me moving.

So yeah. Breathe. Just gotta get through this morning.

Image from Pexels.


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