Thank goodness for my therapist

I texted my therapist today and then I called for “coaching” and got her anyway.

That ended up being a good thing and a good conversation because I had a lot of stuff I needed to download today that was kind of overloading me. I see her tomorrow, but sometimes a day makes a difference.

I just really needed the validation and listening ear that she provided.

I don’t know. It was just necessary.

My psych said some things today that upset me that were, I’m sure, seemingly totally innocuous to her.

I have been wrestling with my feelings about the end of my relationship, as messed up as it was, and I still have complicated ones. I can ignore all of them until something happens like that person calls me out of the blue, (even though I asked to be no contact), or someone else brings that person up, but really I still have issues.

Starting a new med is traumatic in its own way. Most of my 40+ medication reactions are to psych meds. I am more than just a little freaked out about starting a new med. Two new meds actually.

Being active at church also has its own set of issues for me. I have things I need to resolve. Just for me.

There’s just so much. I feel ill.

I’m soooo glad I see her tomorrow…

Image from Pexels.

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