Anxious about psych appointment

My last appointment was kind of challenging.

I had just found out that my ex lied to me about having cancer and my emotions were pretty raw about it. I can’t remember if my ex had attempted at that point or not, but I was worried about that too, so I just wasn’t in a great frame of mind.

I confronted my psych about how my meds were on a weekly pickup and I was not very effective at using my skills while doing it.

She even said she was going to bring someone else into the room at one point. THAT would have made it so much worse.

Anyway, I told her what was going on and she seemed to understand and I think our appointment got back on track. I don’t know. I feel really bad about how it went down.

So… I am nervous about tomorrow. I clearly need to fill her in about a lot of stuff and let her know I am really sorry about how last time started off.

So yeah. Just anxious and worried that my relationship with her isn’t as solid as it was. I don’t know. I’m just scared.

She is literally so nice. I shouldn’t be. I just am.

I have so much to pray for. It feels like it’s all I’ve been doing.

Here I go again!

Image from Pexels.


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