Just needed to gain some perspective

I was feeling pretty crappy last night as was obvious from my post at 3am.

I just was looking around at my trashed room and realizing how it represented my inability to move forward in my life because of some really traumatic stuff.

I talked with one of my close friends who turns eighty years old this week and she not only offered to help me clean my space, (which I may seriously take her up on for company while I clean), but she also offered a lot of wisdom.

She is a fellow Christian and reminded me that no matter how low I feel, God loves me. He forgives me and I’m made new.

I admit that I am struggling to feel worthy.

I need to let go of that.

My living space is like a direct reflection of how I feel about my self worth and I need to get it in gear. I’m giving myself the next month to straighten it up before I move onto bigger projects in my life.

It’s time to stop letting this person who had a hold of me to continue to destroy my life. That isn’t what that person was trying to do, it isn’t what they would want, and it is definitely NOT what I want.

I’m setting myself free.

Image from Pexels.


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