Throwback to easier days

I used to love shopping for my Easter dress. It HAD to involve a hat and gloves as well. I was such a silly little princess.

Anyway, I’ve moved on in my life from Easter being about the clothes to Easter being about the EVENT.

At the same time, my goodness! I am planning on going to church this morning, and usually at my church we wear jeans or whatever but I feel like I should try today, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I might just stick with the jeans. Getting a shower feels like a lot, and that is an absolute necessity.

So yeah.

My parents have some giant feast planned for the afternoon and I am nervous about that. First, I’m not sure my stomach can handle it. It hasn’t been doing food still really well. Second, I’m really trying to keep this weight that I’ve lost while being sick off. It’s not the way to lose weight that I’d recommend to anyone, but since it’s happened, I don’t want to see it come back.

I guess.

I’m just worried about it.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to hit the treadmill for a few minutes. And I do mean “a few” since I have no stamina. It would be a start though. It’s almost summer and there are things I’d like to be able to do.

I titled this post the way I did because everything seems so much harder. Even than ten years ago. Sigh. I am forgetting what today is about.

I need to be grateful. For what I have. The people I have in my life. Definitely that. And God’s mercy.

Anyway, please have a good weekend and have a good celebration celebrating whatever you celebrate (or nothing at all).

I’m just here basking in the sunshine and laughing that I think it’s supposed to sprinkle a little snow tomorrow.

Gotta love spring!!!


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