I had hopes for today

Unfortunately, I slept too late and feel a little too crappy to have gotten anything done.

I hate that I keep wasting days like this.

I also hate that my social life is in the toilet and I don’t have much to do.

Honestly, I need to find a good outlet volunteering or something. It’s campaign season and I’ve been thinking about that, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the stamina for door to door activities and I’m not even sure I want to do that with the state of the world. I did it twenty years ago, but the world was a vastly different place then.

So yeah.

I don’t know.

I just want to be useful.

I really want to start with this room. I just didn’t today. I know I said I would try to not feel like a failure if I didn’t get to it, but I totally do.


I hate depression. It’s literally the worst. I see my psych prescriber at the end of this coming week. I honestly don’t expect her to change my meds, but maybe. Who knows? I’m kind of terrified of med changes if I’m honest.

So yeah.

Just trying to get by.

At least I have church tomorrow and time with my family.



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