Okay, so I didn’t go…

I was supposed to go see my dietican today, but I was so sick.

I saw her over telehealth, so I mean, I saw her, but I didn’t go there.

I couldn’t.

I feel so bad. I am so tired of feeling gross.

I’m supposed to see my therapist tomorrow and I’m debating asking her to make that a telehealth appointment as well.

I’d ask my stepdad to take me to the appointment tomorrow, but the Masters is on and that is his favorite golf tournament to watch.

I barely ate breakfast six hours ago, and I’m not hungry now, in fact I feel as if I may empty the contents of my stomach at any time.

I wish I could sleep. It’s all I’ve been doing and I can’t anymore.

I am antsy and sick. The worst combo.

Oh well.

Image from Pexels.


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