It’s not okay to hit people, Will…

So Chris Rock made a tacky joke at the Academy Awards. Apparently Will Smith thought the cool thing to do would be to bum rush the stage and slap Chris.


I get that Will is defending his wife. Somehow I don’t care. She wasn’t under physical threat and it was a freaking joke, albeit a terrible one.

If I slapped tacky people at the local Walmart, I’d be in jail. You can’t just do that. Not only was Will not arrested, he got to get up and collect his award where he tried to justify his actions.

Again. Louder for the back. He belongs his butt a night in jail.

The double standard is unacceptable. Either everyone falls under the same law or why do we have them at all?

I swear if someone makes me mad to the point I slap them I’m using the Will Smith defense.

Sorry I’m ranting.

It just made me mad.

You can’t just hit people.

Image from Pexels.


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