Homework problem…

I was so upset during my therapy appointment that I don’t remember a lot of it. I must have literally checked out of some of it.

I do remember the homework that I’m supposed to do, except I can’t find my stupid DBT book, so that’s fun. I’m pretty sure I can just recreate the page and do it without it so it doesn’t really matter, but it’s just annoying. I know I have it here somewhere, I just can’t find it in this mess.

I need to get going on it though because I totally didn’t do it today. I’m supposed to pick a “pleasurable activity” every day and then either do it or write down something else I did that was nice to do.


I mean I guess I streamed silly shows today. That was something. It beats watching the news. I literally can’t even with that it is so awful.

I really just want to say I’ll watch Netflix every day, but I don’t think that will fly. It’s something I probably will do, but it’s probably not acceptable to my therapist.

I keep trying to brainstorm things. Maybe I’ll go to the library and find a new book. I don’t know. I like to read. I just haven’t found any new authors or genres that I’m fascinated by as of late.

I have things at home I probably haven’t read that I could. I mean, I own a lot of books. I guess I could start there. It would save on gas too. I’m also terrible at returning library books on time, so there’s that…

Sigh. I don’t know. There aren’t any movies out that I want to see at the moment in the theatre (I mean how many times can we redo Batman?) and I don’t really have a large pool of friends to go out to eat with or anything.

I have to find things I can do with myself. Which kind of stinks. I mean I’m used to being by myself for the most part so I guess it’s fine, but it gets lonely sometimes too.

Oh well. I will figure this homework out.

Image from Pexels.


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