Vocational Coach?

I am meeting with a vocational coach tomorrow.

I absolutely don’t think I’m ready.

I need time to grieve and clean up my mess of a life at home, let alone attempt some kind of job.


I mean, I’m all for setting myself up to fail, but really. I honestly don’t think I can handle any more failure at the moment.

I tried to put this meeting off, but if I don’t meet with her now, then it’s like I guess I’m not allowed to meet with her ever? I didn’t really understand, but it is what it is.

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to cry.

I have a resume. It’s pretty damn empty from 2008 on.

I mean, I’ve had professionals make it look good. It definitely looks good. It’s just… vacant.

I’m going to meet with her because maybe she can help.

There’s just been a lot of trauma. A lot. I am depressed and hate everything right now. I’m also scared of my own shadow.


Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Vocational Coach?

    1. I am not meeting with her anymore right now. She mostly helps people write resumes and stuff and my resume is good. I also know how to interview. I just suck at working. Lol. I need to work through some other things first.


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