The importance of good boundaries

There is a saying that, “good fences make good neighbors.”

I used to be good at putting up boundaries.

I mean, I used to be able to determine when and where to draw the line between me and someone else when it was a matter of my physical safety especially.

I have historically had a harder time drawing emotional boundaries, but I’ve done it. I was just much younger.

It’s so important to do it though because otherwise I find myself in situations like the last four years where I feel trapped and unable to escape.

I became a victim of myself.

I definitely don’t blame my friend for entrapping me in the situation I was in. I should have drawn a hard line years ago. I knew it, and I didn’t.

Not setting a boundary made it so I stalled out in therapy and in my life in general.

I was on a solid recovery path. Granted, Covid happened and I probably would have experienced a setback of some kind just like many people, but I think I might have made some different choices.

Let this be a warning to everyone who needs to hear it: SET BOUNDARIES. CLAIM YOUR SPACE.

It can be uncomfortable, even heartbreaking, but it’s absolutely necessary.

Image from Pexels.

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