Bad med review…

I had my med review this morning with my psych.

I walked in and kind of accosted her about how much it sucked to have weekly pickups of one of my meds.

I ineffectively tried to explain how this makes me feel. It’s stigmatizing and inconvenient and not helpful. I was angry and it came out and I wasn’t able to keep it in the box.

My bigger problem was that my grief over the situation with my friend is taking over everything. I ended up explaining that to my psych and I think she understood why I was so explosive.

I hope so.

I felt very bad.

I did not win my case about the meds obviously.

It’s just stupid. I’m still frustrated.

I would never violate my relationship with my psych by hurting myself with her meds. Never.

It’s exactly like she doesn’t trust me.


Whatever. It was just a really bad day.

Image from Pexels.

5 thoughts on “Bad med review…

  1. Hello and thank you for sharing your thoughts, without going into detail i completely understand your feelings about this situation, it can be very difficult to change things that are clearly frustrating for you. I myself have been medication free for many years now, but that took me ten years to achieve that, very best of luck with your journey through life, loving your blog posts.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback. I am hoping that someday I can also be med free, also with a decade-type range in mind to get there. To be brutally honest, one of my meds (the one I have to pick up biweekly), is a benzodiazepine I’ve been on so long it doesn’t do anything anymore except maintain my addiction to it. It’s just impossibly hard to get off of. No one told me that of course as they were writing it fifteen years ago, or as they were increasing my dose. I really hate it.

      Thanks again.

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