Feeling a little “blah.”

I mean, I am not really depressed per se, I’m just a little blue.

Things just feel overwhelming.

My doctor referred me to physical therapy for the tired legs thing. He doesn’t really believe me that something super weird is going on.

I guess he could be right, but it seems like it’s getting worse and they are getting stiff, so that’s concerning.

I don’t know.

My bedroom literally looks like an episode of “hoarders.” I need to clean it so badly, but I do not have the energy to get it done.

Last night I lost my glasses and I started cleaning so I could find them and I got one little area cleaned before my legs were literally shaking. It was not cool.

I feel overwhelmed.

So yeah.

I need to get moving or do things, but I feel trapped by my body and by Covid.


I am happy I see my therapist tomorrow. I need her.

Image from Pexels.

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