A prayer answered amongst other things…

My Dad is out of the hospital!

This is an old pic of us, (and a not great pic of me), but I don’t have a recent one.

That’s on me.

I hope to go visit very soon. It’s definitely an answer to prayer.

I am feeling so relieved about this. I can’t tell you.

I’m also feeling stressed. I just can’t keep up with what I need to do because my legs won’t do it. They just get so tired walking through the house. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know what is wrong.

I mean, I’m overweight and I’ve not been moving a lot for a couple of months, but I haven’t been completely bedridden and I find it hard to believe I’m this weak from that. I’ve been sick and essentially bedridden for two months before and not had this happen to my legs.

I am just…


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