Back to food logging

I met with my dietican today and she and I discussed logging my food again.

I think I need the accountability because I’m sort of willy-nilly with my eating lately and I’ve gained a lot of weight and I feel really gross.

She does not want me to look at it like that of course, but I want her to see what I’m eating so she can help me figure out healthier things and we can lay out a strategy for me to lose weight a healthier way than how “ED” (eating disorder) wants me to.

I am kind of like all about the restricting or not about it at all, so it’s very hard to find a middle road that I can make it work on.

Before, when I lost all the weight, I had to pretty much ban all sugars from all sources- not just soda and chocolate- but white bread, fruit etc. It was very effective, but it kind of took a toll on my mental and physical health.

So… yeah.

I am just kind of trying. Hopefully the log will help.

Image from Pexels.

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