Covid watch # 986…

I was exposed to covid over the weekend.


Except this time it was a pretty solid exposure. So… I’m dutifully waiting the five days post exposure in solitary confinement waiting until I can get tested to verify whether I’m positive or not.

Thankfully, I don’t feel ill, but that doesn’t really mean anything with this variant I guess.


I have been cooped up in my bedroom with some kind of crud, or waiting to get over the crud, or quarantining “just in case” I have the crud since Christmas.

Seriously. Over it.

Anyway, it’s starting to take its toll on my mental health for sure. I am working really hard at staying connected to people and keeping appointments virtually if I can, but it’s OLD.

I really hope I don’t have covid so I can see my psych this time. I hate talking to her on the phone.


Image from Pexels.

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