It might have gotten me this time…

I’m so sick.

No joke.

It started with a scratchy throat last week and has bloomed into massive fatigue and a mild cough.

I feel awful.

This is the first time, (at 1 am) that I’ve been awake all day. I probably won’t be awake for very long to be honest.

I am vaccinated and so is my cousin, but I’m like 99% sure I caught this from her. She was really sick the day after Christmas and is still recovering. So… I guess I have a ways to go.


So many appointments to cancel this week or move to virtual. I am getting a covid test on Tuesday just to see, but I’ll be past my “five days” of quarantine (will need five more with a mask), by that point.

So yeah.

I’m just already tired of this crud. I knew it was a risk when I helped my cousin. I knew it. I didn’t expect to get this sick though.


Image from Pexels.

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