Trying to juggle

I don’t look this cute doing it, I promise.

I am trying to juggle a zillion things right now.

I need to spend time with some friends.

I need to help my cousin in any way that she will let me.

I apparently have to have my room clean by Friday night to keep my mom happy.

I am just feeling overwhelmed. There’s no time to do anything for me.

We’re supposed to get this nasty snowstorm this weekend. I’m trying to plan around that. I’m already anxious about it.

So yeah. This sucks.

Oh, and apparently I also need to make banana bread, (probably today because of the bananas).

Just ready to scream.

I had therapy yesterday, but it looked a lot like this post. Me everywhere.

Also, grief. Somewhere in the spaces in between I’m really sad.

But, who has time for that?

Image from Pexels.

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